About me: 
My father handed me a fly rod with silk line when I was 3 years old. We probably skewered a worm to it before attaching a fly. By dapping flies, we caught a lot of Brook trout and an occasional Cutthroat on my Great Grandfather's ranch in the Uinta Mountains of Utah. Fell in, got wet, and got in trouble for it regularly too; because it meant that my mother had to dry (and occasionally scorch) my one set of clothes and shoes at the wood stove. My 8th grade Geometry teacher introduced me to tying flies and to a better cast. As my own children tried fishing I became a professional line-detangler. Still use those skills.
Favorite quote: 
Three year old Daughter: "I wike being a witto bit naughty."
Group membership: 
Stonefly Society - 048
High Country Fly Fishers - 599
Small Streams
Wyoming - 9WY
Utah - 9UT
Seedskadee - 533
Jackson Hole - 051
Public lands not for sale
Greater Yellowstone Area