Mr. Brett Prettyman

Mr. Brett Prettyman
Job title: 
Intermountain Communications Director
About me: 
Trips with my dad to fish along the Wasatch Front of Utah are some of my earliest memories. I covered outdoors and environment for nearly 25 years at the Salt Lake Tribune and wrote the book Fishing Utah before joining Trout Unlimited in June of 2015.
Favorite quote: 
"You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take" Wayne Gretzky
Other Interests: 
Any Type of Fishing
coaching youth sports
Group membership: 
Utah - 9UT
Wyoming - 9WY
Stonefly Society - 048
Greater Yellowstone Area
Outdoor Communicators
Yellowstone Fly Fishing
High Desert Anglers - 620
Weber Basin Anglers - 681
Nevada - 9NV
Trout Magazine
Southern Nevada - 686
Wyoming Range
Wyoming Flycasters - 605
Wyoming At-Large - 748
Utah At-Large - 753
Seedskadee - 533
The Front Porch
West of The Rockies
Trout & Salmon in the Classroom (TIC/SIC)
Great Basin Chapter - 705
Abandoned Mines
TU Women's Discussion
Stream Ambassadors
Utah County Alpine Anglers - 932
Idaho - 9ID
Idaho Trout Unlimited
Southeast Idaho - 720
Idaho Panhandle - 431
Wild Steelheaders United
Wild Steelhead Advocates
Middle Rogue Steelhead - 649