Green River Urban Restoration Project - 2023


Check out the awesome video 495Films put together for the FMC project the chapter and a host of partners completed last spring!!!


Green River Urban Restoration Project Video



Phase I of the Green River Urban Restoration project is complete. The 2,000 feet of riverbank that was addressed with this project was estimated to contribute over 1,600 tons of sediment each year to the Green River and Flaming Gorge system. Now construction is finished this will be reduced by 95%. Along with the water quality benefits aquatic habitat was improved at this site.



Sweetwater County & Green River, WY Ducks Unlimited

Green River Greenbelt Task Force

City of Green River

Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust Fund

Wyoming Game and Fish Department

USFWS Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program

Wyoming Trout Unlimited

Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality

Trout Unlimited