October 2015 Chapter Meeting

Chapter Meeting Agenda


6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Outlaw Inn, Rock Springs

Upstairs Room above restaurant



·         Meet and Greet – 6:30 pm to 6:40 pm


·         Welcome and Introductions - 6:40 pm to 6:45 pm


·         Meeting presentation - 6:45 pm

-          October 13th – Steve Wolff (Colorado River Project Manager for the Wyoming State Engineer’s Office) – Drought Planning in the Colorado River Basin – What are the possible implications to Fontenelle Reservoir and Flaming Gorge Reservoir if severe drought continues?


·         10 Minute Intermission prior to proceeding with business portion the meeting


·         Agenda Additions?


·         Chapter business

-          Treasurer Report – Review and Accept

-          Last Meeting ending $23, 340.45

-          Now $23,505.36

-          See Scott’s sheet

§  Eddie Motion to accept

§  Pete 2nds the motion

§  All in favor

§  Passes

·         State TU meeting

-          In Sheridan, November 6-8th

-          Anyone is Welcome

·         Scott Christy has moved on from TU

-          The job will be filled sometime soon.

·         Adopt-A-Trout

-          Nick will need some help.


·         New business


Ø  Winter Chapter Party

-          Should we have a gathering of members this winter?

§  Pat makes motion to try to do this party

§  Sadie 2nds

·         Comments

o   Will try and do a weeknight

o   Less busy in January

§  Pat motions to amend the motion

·         Look for a time in January

§  All in favor

§  Passes

-          Where?  When – December or January?


-          Project lead?



Ø  Officer and board member elections

-          When?  December or January – based on the decision made about the Winter Chapter Party

§  December

·         There will be lots of chances for people to get involved in the chapter board.


Ø  Ideas for future Chapter presentations.  Should we pursue these for next year or are there other topics of interest to the membership?  Please develop a list of presentation to pursue for 2016.

-          Yellowstone Lake Update - Dave Sweet? (Yes)

-          Update on the Big Sandy River sill project – Kevin Spence – WGFD (Yes)

-          Carp fishing presentation – Famous Charlie Card (Yes)

-          Fontenelle Reservoir release – Bureau of Reclamation - What governs how and when water is released? Kirk Jensen BOR

-          Armoring of the face of Fontenelle Dam – Why? Consequences?  – Presenter?? Kirk Jensen BOR (Yes tied into the above)

-          Update on Soda Lake – What happened to the brown and brook trout?  WGFD Pinedale Fisheries Crew (Yes)

-          Update on CRC restoration efforts – Trout Creek, Gilbert Creek, La Barge Creek, (Yes)

-          Entomology of the Green River - Presenter – USGS Presenter (YES)

-          Green River AAT – Up date (YES)

-          USU Entomology guys study of bug eggs below the gorge.

-          Board Meeting will


Ø  2016 project ideas.  This is a starting point.  Should we tackle these projects?  Are there other projects we should tackle in addition or instead of these projects?  For a project to move forward it will need a project lead.


-          Red Creek Project

-          Ladies Fly Fishing Retreat

-          Project Healing Waters – 1st half October 2016

-          River Walk – in August as part of Green River Fest

-          F3T Fly Fishing Film Tour

-          Iron Fly

-          Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge ditch evaluation – Hamp 1 and Pal ditches

§  October 24th

§  Seedskadee 9:30am at the headquarters

§  Ribs and other food!

§  Look for Eddie’s email soon

-          Cottonwood and willow pole planting on Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge


-          Fence Trout Creek (Ramsay Diversions)

§  Nick will send out date

-          Grade School hatching box, by Seedskadee headquarters

§  Pete will look into this.

-          River Clean up - in conjunction with Green River City Clean up.


-          Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge - School Programs


-          New Ramp locations between SNWR and Flaming Gorge Reservoir.


-          Other ideas?


·         Help needed:

-          Install Jack Pole fence and planting on Trout Creek (Ramsay Diversions)

§  Project lead – Nick Walrath

§  Will be last week of October

§  Waiting for leaf drop

§  Will need a sizeable crew – more details soon

-          Adopt-a-Trout/burbot – Green River

§  Project leads Nick Walrath and John Walrath

§  Field trip – October 22

§  Help needed tracking BBT and BNT

§  Interested folks call John Walrath (307-875-3202) or Nick Walrath (307-532-


·         November’s Presentation:

-          November 10th – Nick Walrath will update us on the Hamp II fish screen project


-          Adjourn Until Next Time – Get Out and Make Some Memories!  <*))))><



·         Upcoming chapter activities and projects -  September, October

-          Lying and Tying

                                                                          i.       November September 12th @ 6:30 pm (always 2nd Thursday of month)

                                                                        ii.      WWCC (GR campus), room 205

-          Adopt-a-Trout/burbot – Green River

                                                                          i.      Project leads Nick Walrath and John Walrath

                                                                        ii.      Field trip – October 22

                                                                      iii.      Help needed tracking BBT and BNT

                                                                      iv.      Interested folks call John Walrath (307-875-3202) or Nick Walrath (307-532-

-          Install Jack Pole fence and planting on Trout Creek (Ramsay Diversions)

                                                                          i.      Project lead – Nick Walrath

                                                                        ii.      Will October 27th at 8:30am at WGFD office in GR

                                                                      iii.      Waiting for leaf drop

                                                                      iv.      Will need a sizeable crew – more details soon