October 2015 Board Meeting Notes

Seedskadee TU Board Meeting


5:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Outlaw Inn Restaurant, Rock Springs



Ø  Agenda additions?

-          Extra Insurance again, $115? (Scott N.)

                                                              i.      All in favor?

1.      Yes

                                                            ii.      Extra Insurance approved.


Ø  Old Business


·         Red Creek Project – All

-          State Lands Permit did not get on the state lands board meeting in time

                                                                          i.      Nick will send Scott information

-          Logistics of getting the fence and how we are going to get it to the site.

                                                                          i.      Helicopter time

                                                                        ii.      Culvert?

1.      Temporary?

-          Talk to the Upper Bear River Chapter and Muley Fanatics for $$


·         SNWR Ditch Salvage

-          October 24 – need a final plan

                                                                          i.      9:30am

-          Present plan to Chapter during October meeting

-          Hamp I and Powell Ditch

                                                                          i.      Hamp I – Electrofish ditch and net pond

                                                                        ii.      Powell Ditch - Electrofish

-          Eddie Baker (Chapter lead); John Walrath (WGFD lead)

                                                                          i.      Eddie will talk to newspaper

                                                                        ii.      Nick and Calvin will bring drinks and stuff from the office

                                                                      iii.      Pat will make the extra ribs from the Women’s float

                                                                      iv.      Pat will talk to Sweetwater Now.


Ø  New Business


·         Green River Adopt-A-Trout Project - All

-          Time sensitive – need a decision tonight

-          Consider purchasing 6 additional tags

-          Goal is 15 BBT to be tagged and released in FGR and followed into the Green River

-          Cost $230 per tag – Request is $1380.

                                                              i.      Send to Scott

-          Please discuss and vote – Nick knows the details

-          Calvin, motions to buy the tags,

                                                              i.      More Chapter involvement

                                                            ii.      All in favor

                                                          iii.      Approved - motion passed.

-          Advertising

                                                              i.      Sign

                                                            ii.      Reward prize for anglers turning in tags

1.      Talk at the chapter meeting

2.      What type of prize should it be


·         2016 project ideas – this is a starting point.  Should we tackle these projects?  That else should we tackle?  To move forward projects will need a project lead.  Please be prepared to disucss these and other potential project with Chapter.


-          Red Creek Project

                                                              i.      Yes

1.      Janae Neff

-          Ladies Fly Fishing Retreat

                                                              i.      Yes

1.      Hillary

-          F3T Fly Fishing Film Tour

                                                              i.      Yes

1.      Gary, Calvin, Clint, Nick

-          Iron Fly

                                                              i.      Yes

1.      Nick, Clint

-          River Walk – in August as part of Green River Fest

                                                              i.      Yes

1.      Nick

-          Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge ditch evaluation – Hamp 1 and Pal ditches

                                                              i.      Evaluate after this year

-          Cottonwood and willow pole planting on Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge

                                                              i.      Yes

1.      Pat, talk to the chapter

-          Project Healing Waters – 1st half October 2016

                                                              i.      Talk to chapter

-          Planting on Trout Creek (Ramsay Diversion)

                                                              i.      Talk to chapter

-          Grade School hatching box, by Seedskadee headquarters

                                                              i.      See notes after “Other ideas”

-          River Clean up - in conjunction with Green River City Clean up.

                                                              i.      Talk to chapter

-          Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge - School Programs

                                                              i.      Talk to chapter

-          New Ramp locations between SNWR and Flaming Gorge Reservoir.

                                                              i.      Talk to chapter

-          Other ideas???

-          Hatching box, could start with the Grade School Hatching Box.

                                                              i.      Yes

1.      Pete, assistant?

a.       Drilling well?

b.      Have drilled a well on the refuge.

-          More habitat structures

-          Side channels

                                                              i.      Use results from survey data

-          Removing cow watering area @ side channel rip rap

                                                              i.      Talk to Chapter

1.      Start talking to Tom

2.      Move/build new fence




·         Upcoming chapter activities and projects -  September, October

-          Lying and Tying

                                                                          i.       November 12th @ 6:30 pm (always 2nd Thursday of month)

                                                                        ii.      WWCC (GR campus), room 205

-          Adopt-a-Trout/burbot – Green River

                                                                          i.      Project leads Nick Walrath and John Walrath

                                                                        ii.      Field trip – October 22

                                                                      iii.      Help needed tracking BBT and BNT

                                                                      iv.      Interested folks call John Walrath (307-875-3202) or Nick Walrath (307-532-0753)

-          Install Jack Pole fence and planting on Trout Creek (Ramsay Diversions)

                                                                          i.      Project lead – Nick Walrath

                                                                        ii.      Will be last week of October

                                                                      iii.      Waiting for leaf drop

                                                                      iv.      Will need a sizeable crew – more details soon


****************************Future Board Agenda Items**********************************


·         STU – getting the word out:

-          Radio Network - Robb

                                                                          i.      Rainbow Project

1.      150 free radio spots across 5 stations

2.      Funders - OCI and Halliburton

a.       Thank you notes

3.      Condition - no paid advertising through other media sources

-          Green River Chamber of Commerce - Robb

                                                                          i.      Current members

                                                                        ii.      Lots of opportunity to get STU in front of people - handout

-          Rock Spring Chamber of Commerce - Robb

                                                                          i.      Not a current member

                                                                        ii.      Lots of opportuniy to get STU in front of people - handout

                                                                      iii.      Establish a membership?  Vote

-          Seedskadee TU Facebook page

                                                                          i.      How do we connect with people with Facebook?

                                                                        ii.      How do we keep Facebook current?

                                                                      iii.      Project lead?

-          Seedskadee TU Webpage

                                                                          i.      How do we connect with people with Seedskadee Webpage?

                                                                        ii.      How do we keep the webpage current?

                                                                      iii.      Project lead – Hillary has volunteered

-          Sweetwater Now

                                                                          i.      How can they help us?

                                                                        ii.      Are we buying advertising?

                                                                      iii.      Project lead?


·         Ideas for spending STU’s money

-          Portable steel jack fence for protecting Red Creek riparian habitat

                                                                          i.      $20 per foot with donated pipe

                                                                        ii.      Fence make from drilling stem pipe

                                                                      iii.      Look at protecting 500 to 600 foot of riparian, channel and spawning habitat

                                                                      iv.      Cost: $24,000.

1.      STU request - $5k

2.      Look for grants and partners to leverage $5k with

-          Telemetry Flights

                                                                          i.      CRC tracking Henrys Fork Adopt-a-Trout

                                                                        ii.      Cost:  $1000.00

-          Radio Tags for BBT tracking

                                                                          i.      Tagging BBT in FGR for tracking into the Green River

                                                                        ii.      Cost:  $270 per tag for a total of $850.

-          Green River habitat structures

                                                                          i.      Purchase rock – partner with SNWR and WGFD

                                                                        ii.      Install rock - partner with SNWR or WGFD

                                                                      iii.      Cost:  To be determined?

-          Hot water signs:

                                                                          i.      Seasonal signs for access roads and boat ramps on SNWR to educate folks on the consequences of:

1.      fishing when water temps are over 68F

2.      targeting fish on reds

-          Cottonwood and Aspen plantings

                                                                          i.      Purchase blue tubes and stakes

                                                                        ii.      Cost:  To be determined


·         Programs to promote fly fishing and improve fish habitat at the area high schools? - John

-          Does National TU have any such programs for education

-          Is TU a fly fishing only organization?


·         Travel and Tourism Grant – Fish Bowl - Hillary

-          $$$ for event advertizing – draw folks from out of county

-          $$$ for event planning and implementation


·         Review Seedskadee Chapter mission statement and By Laws

-          Do bylaws need to be updated

-          Include management and access to Seedskadee g-mail account


·         Review and audit of the chapter financial records

-          Need?  How do we get there from here?  Who conducts audit?


·         Ideas for future chapter meetings -John

-          A greeters table with sign-in spreadsheet on laptop, agendas, membership info, upcoming project handouts, fishing info etc with a "greeter" staffing it

-          STU member name badge - worn by members, new members get theirs at the next meeting as do members who are attending for the first time. Badges would need to be designed and made for the usual list of attends

-          A drawing for 1-3 items. Must be wearing name badge to win.  Tickets purchased?   For $1 for one item.

-          Develop a video/book sharing library for the chapter

-          Meetings might have a 10-15 minute meet and greet

-          -3 featured flies every meeting, free drawing for same or fly swap fundraiser at one meeting. Get our fly tyers into raising some $ for chapter

-          Spend some money and have a patch made. About $400 for 100 patches. Either giveaway to volunteers at projects or sell.

"Business card" to giveaway. Anyone can have one, available at Chapter meetings