November Board Meeting Notes

Seedskadee TU Board Meeting


5:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Outlaw Inn Restaurant, Rock Springs


Ø  Agenda additions?

-          Some WY Chapters do just presentations (Pat)

i.Heard at the state meeting and other meetings. Most people are not interested in the business.

ii.Make agenda point for next time

1.Survey Monkey?

2.      Everyone think about it.

-          Burbot Tags Bill

i.Sent to account.

-          Burbot Bash

i.Jan, 23-24, 2016

ii.Very interested in allowing TU to have a raffle or some type of chapter involvement.

-          Burbot Classic

i.End of Jan. or start of Feb.

-          Williams Survey guy has been donating his Friday’s to survey each of the dewatered side channels

i.Any would like to see some type of chapter gift.

1.Agenda in December.

ii.Have him present to the board in Jan.


Ø  Old Business


·         Winter Party – January week night

-          Project lead           If no one takes on this during the chapter meeting then it will go away. No one on the board wanted to be the project lead.

-          Where?     

-          When?      


Ø  New Business


·         Officer needed to review monthly checking and credit card accounts – Scott

-          New questions on this year’s financial reviews.

-          National recommends that the treasurer has term limits in the bylaws.

-          National recommends that there is a “vice treasure” someone that doesn’t have access to the accounts to review the $$. (Not treasure, President, Vice President)

-          Robb would like to see this happen every so often.

i.Eddie will volunteer his wife look at the statements.

-          John motions to have Debbie Baker look at the chapter’s bank statements ¼ year.

i.Amy would like to add that the motion goes into the chapter by laws.

ii.The chapter’s statements will be checked in Jan, April, July, and Oct. for the previous ¼.

                                                                      iii.      Amy Seconds,

1.      All in favor


·         Peoples Canal – Upper Bear River challenge - $2500 – Robb

-          A old diversion is currently being constructed

i.Has gone $5,000 over budget

ii.John moves to fund the project

iii.Robb seconds to fund the project

1.      Discussion

2.      Great project to stamp our name on

3.      CRC, and other native warm water species up stream of project

4.      They are a great partner; we will pocket a challenge for them for a later date.

5.      Eddie, would like to see our money stay with the chapter without a budget.

6.      Pete, would like to see a budget before we spend any more money.

7.      Scott, said that we are not limited to just the Wyoming side of the line.

8.      Structure, has been built to divert water and not pass fish.

9.      Robb, “I feel that UBRTU will fund the rest if we don’t. They also have been a great partner and this was a great.”

10.  Scott, would like to budget the rest of our money after this project.

11.  John, would like to see the Chapter run a tighter budget because we are here to spend money on these types of thing

12.  Robb, calls for the vote

a.      I’s 5

b.      NO’s 2

13.  Passes.


·         December presentation

-          SNWR cottonwood/riparian habitat/ cottonwood pole planting presentation?

i.Tom, will do the presentation.

ii.John would like to see more of Tom’s pictures of Seedskadee.

-          Other?


Ø  2016 Chapter presentations ideas:   

·         Yellowstone Lake Update - Dave Sweet? (Yes)

·         Update on the Big Sandy River sill project – Kevin Spence – WGFD (Yes)

·         Carp fishing presentation – Famous Charlie Card (Yes)

·         Fontenelle Reservoir release – Bureau of Reclamation - What governs how and when water is released? Lee Elizabeth Traynham, P.E., Civil Engineer/Hydrologist, BOR (Yes)

·         Armoring of the face of Fontenelle Dam – Why? Consequences?  – Presenter?? Wyoming Water Development Commission

·         Update on Soda Lake – What happened to the brown and brook trout?  WGFD Pinedale Fisheries Crew (Yes)

·         Update on CRC restoration efforts – Trout Creek, Gilbert Creek, La Barge Creek, (Yes)

·         Entomology of the Green River - Presenter – USGS (YES)

·         Green River AAT – Update (YES)

·         USU Entomology guys study of bug eggs below the gorge.


Ø  2016 project ideas

·         Project Healing Waters – 1st half October 2016

-          Talk to chapter

·         Planting on Trout Creek (Ramsay Diversion)

-          Talk to chapter

·         River Clean up - in conjunction with Green River City Clean up.

-          Talk to chapter

·         Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge - School Programs

-          Talk to chapter

·         Hatching box, could start with the Grade School Hatching Box.

-          Yes

-          Pete, assistant?

                                                              i.      Drilling well?

                                                            ii.      Have drilled a well on the refuge.

·         More habitat structures

·         Side channels

-          Use results from survey data

·         Removing cow watering area @ side channel rip rap

-          Talk to Chapter

-          Start talking to Tom

-          Move/build new fence




·         Upcoming chapter activities and projects -  December

-          Adopt-a-Trout/burbot – Green River

                                                                          i.      Project leads Nick Walrath and John Walrath

                                                                        ii.      Help needed tracking BBT and BNT

                                                                      iii.      Interested folks call John Walrath (307-875-3202) or Nick Walrath (307-532-0753)


****************************Future Board Agenda Items**********************************


·         STU – getting the word out:

-          Radio Network - Robb

                                                                          i.      Rainbow Project

1.      Funders - OCI and Halliburton

a.       Thank you notes

-          Green River Chamber of Commerce - Robb

                                                                          i.      Lots of opportunity to get STU in front of people - handout

-          Rock Spring Chamber of Commerce - Robb

                                                                          i.      Lots of opportuniy to get STU in front of people - handout

-          Seedskadee TU Facebook page

-          Seedskadee TU Webpage

-          Sweetwater Now

                                                                          i.      How can they help us?

                                                                        ii.      Project lead?


·         Ideas for spending STU’s money

-          Portable steel jack fence for protecting Red Creek riparian habitat

                                                                          i.      $20 per foot with donated pipe

                                                                        ii.      Fence make from drilling stem pipe

                                                                      iii.      Look at protecting 500 to 600 foot of riparian, channel and spawning habitat

                                                                      iv.      Cost: $24,000.

1.      STU request - $5k

2.      Look for grants and partners to leverage $5k with

-          Telemetry Flights

                                                                          i.      CRC tracking Henrys Fork Adopt-a-Trout

                                                                        ii.      Cost:  $1000.00

-          Green River habitat structures

                                                                          i.      Purchase rock – partner with SNWR and WGFD

                                                                        ii.      Install rock - partner with SNWR or WGFD

                                                                      iii.      Cost:  To be determined?

-          Hot water signs:

                                                                          i.      Seasonal signs for access roads and boat ramps on SNWR to educate folks on the consequences of:

1.      fishing when water temps are over 68F

2.      targeting fish on reds

-          Cottonwood and Aspen plantings

                                                                          i.      Purchase blue tubes and stakes

                                                                        ii.      Cost:  To be determined


·         Travel and Tourism Grant – Fish Bowl - Hillary

-          $$$ for event advertizing – draw folks from out of county

-          $$$ for event planning and implementation


·         Review Seedskadee Chapter mission statement and By Laws

-          Do bylaws need to be updated

-          Include management and access to Seedskadee g-mail account


·         Review and audit of the chapter financial records

-          Need?  How do we get there from here?  Who conducts audit?


·         Ideas for future chapter meetings-

-          A greeters table with sign-in spreadsheet on laptop, agendas, membership info, upcoming project handouts, fishing info etc with a "greeter" staffing it

"Business card" to giveaway. Anyone can have one, available at Chapter meetings