March 2016 Chapter Meeting

Chapter Meeting Notes


6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Outlaw Inn, Rock Springs

Upstairs Room above restaurant


·         Meet and Greet – 6:30 pm to 6:40 pm


·         Welcome and Introductions - 6:40 pm to 6:45 pm


·         Meeting presentation - 6:45 pm

-          Dave Sweet, Yellowstone Lake Special Project Manager for Wyoming Trout Unlimited, will be talking to us about the restoration of Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout in Yellowstone Lake.

·         10 Minute Intermission prior to proceeding with business portion the meeting


·         Agenda Additions?


·         Old business

-          Treasurer Report – Review and Accept

§  Calvin moves to accept treasurers report

§  Pat 2nds

·         All in favor, Passes!

-          New Board Member elections

§  Ali Baas – At large board member

§  Andrew Penamora – Secretary

§  John Walrath – At large board member

·         Pat moves to vote on all board members as stated in the agenda.

·         Amy 2nds

o   All in favor, Passes!

·         Welcome Ali, Andrew and John!

o   Thanks for stepping up and helping lead the chapter into the future.

-          2016 project ideas

§  Project Healing Waters – 1st half October 2016

·         Ali, would like to be the lead, will confirm soon.

§  Planting on Trout Creek (Ramsay Diversion)

·         Nick will be in charge and let people know.

§  River Clean up - in conjunction with Green River City Clean up.

§  Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge - School Programs

·         April 26th

·         May 5th, 10th, 11th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th

o   Nick will send Katie’s email out the chapter for information on this.


·         New business

-          Green River AAT update

§  Funding for a flight request

§  Calvin moves to use $200 out of the chapter funds ear marked for AAT for the flight.

§  Pete 2nds

·         All in favor, Passes!

§  The chapter would like an update after the flight on the fish locations.

§  The chapter would like to see a press release regarding the dead tags.

-          F3T (April 15th?)

§  Hillary and Nick have done some lag work

·         Freight Station downtown RS

o   $400 Rental fee + $500 Refundable deposit

o   Teton Distributing is interested in making some beer donations and running the beer table.

o   Need to get the video.

·         John moves to give the F3T a budget of $5,000 contingent on getting a liquor license for the event.

·         Andrew 2nds

o   All in favor, Passes!

o   Chapter would like an update on if the F3T is a go ASAP.

-          Sportsman Show (May 12 – 15)

§  Pat will lead the project

·         Raffle off a rod and reel set up

·         Have kids games/kids fly tying.

§  John moves to give the Sportsman show booth project a budget of $1000

§  Eddie 2nds

·         All in favor, Passes!

·         Green River Chamber Member ship dues ($120)

·         Rock Springs Chamber Membership dues ($41)

-          Brian moves to pay the membership dues

-          Pat 2nds

§  All in favor, Passes!


·         Help needed:

-          F3T

§  Andrew, Mike, Clint will help out.


-          Adjourn Until Next Time – Get Out and Make Some Memories!  <*))))><



·         Upcoming chapter activities and projects -

-          Chapter Meeting

                                                                          i.       April 12th @ 6:30 pm (always 2nd Tuesday of month)

                                                                        ii.      Outlaw Inn, Rock Springs – Upstairs Room above restaurant

-          Lying and Tying

                                                                          i.       March 10th @ 6:30 pm (always 2nd Thursday of month)

                                                                        ii.      WWCC (GR campus), room 205