December 2015 Board Meeting Notes

Seedskadee TU Board Meeting


5:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Outlaw Inn Restaurant, Rock Springs



Ø  Old Business


·         Executive Session


·         Project Healing Waters – 1st half October 2016

            Robb asked folks last week about donating floats, people didn’t seem very excited about it. Robb is going to withdraw his offer to take it up. Scott thinks that Cody is interested in leading the project.


Ø  New Business

Ø  John brought up the idea of advertising with the high school through the adopt a trout classes. John will be the lead for that at Green River high school.


·         Raffle  yeti cooler at the 2016 Burbot Bash

Robb spoke with them about doing it January 22-24.  Rob doesn’t think we would have much luck on Saturday because people will be tired. He thinks selling the tickets on Friday and Sunday would be a better idea. We would need volunteers to run shifts. We could offer the Mullen painting or Tenkara rod, too. Amy will help with the poster display. Board thinks we are obligated because the Yetis were donated for the Adopt a Trout program. Robb will bring up at the Chapter meeting and see if there is an interest. Calvin says that if there isn’t any interest, we should approach the UBRTU chapter about selling it at their banquet.


·         2017 Commissioner tag

                Robb spoke with Commissioner Anselmi, and the tags already got donated this year. He is interested in donating the tags in 2017, but wants someone to sit down with him and discuss how the money from the tags was used previously and what the plan is for the future. Robb envisions a document that shows the dollar amount for a project that lists the chapter’s and partner’s contributions. John’s brochure can be revised with dollar amounts. We will need to speak with him in March or April.

Other Business: Pete asked why we are using the jack fencing instead of cheaper materials. Robb explained that there is no ground disturbance so it makes the permitting and effects less. Amy says that she spoke with some folks at her work and Bunning has offered to get the materials to Red Creek if possible. We could install a temporary bridge to get materials there. We should talk about partnering with MFF.

Meeting adjourned at 6:06pm