August 2015 Board Meeting Notes

Seedskadee TU Board Meeting


5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Fish Bowl Restaurant, Green River

(West side of Uinta next to Little Bear Motel)



·         Executive Session (30 minutes max)

-          Personnel issues

·         Agenda additions – new business

-          None

·         Report from Janae Neff (Starting at 6 pm)

-          Red Creek plans for September- Would like to build exclosures around existing aspens, build around two other areas, raise the existing exclusures, and add a few rock and wood structures. She plans to measure the trees inside and outside of exclosures and conduct fish surveys to compare what works best. In years to come, build in-stream habitat and take tree cores.

-          Are rock structures covered under permit? Nick isn’t sure, but will double check.

-          Janae will provide a materials list.

-          There are some extra wood posts at Gooseberry Creek that could be used.

-          Janae is available October 3rd- set that for the date. Will double check with Kevin’s schedule.

-          Rock structure will take a bit more effort. Will need a truckload of rock. Want to test which structure creates a better thalwag.

-          Talk to the Muley Fanatics Foundation about a partnership.

-          Board sets a budget of $750 to purchase supplies, if we go over then we discuss. Calvin motioned, Eddie 2nds- all in favor.


·         River Walk – August 15

-          Update from Nick and Amy

-          Volunteers needed;

-          Be there by 7:30am if you want to help

-          Changing Seedskadee location, No

-          White Water trip and backpacks for raffle    


·         Facebook account report -  Scott

-          What does it mean?

-          Scott needs more time to look at it all

-          Facebook does provide lots of information regarding how people use our facebook page.


-          How can it make us stronger?

-          We can see what is working and what we can do more

-          Like and share when you see something on it

-          Is the UBRTU seeing more involvement because of the “Boosts?”

-          We need someone to take the bull by the horns and be the Facebook/webpage Manager

-          Look into a student at WWCC


·         Seedskadee Chapter pamphlet of accomplishments

-          How can we help?

-          John was thinking about just one page for the River Walk

-          John will get Amy the final edit ASAP (email)

-          Change the Women’ s Float photo

-          Will be a living document, and be updated as needed.


·         Lying and Tying

-          Discuss providing project leaders a budget to grow event

-          What are Ted’s ideas on this?

-          Eddie will reach out to Ted.

-          We want to support it- what does he want to do with it?

-          Cody Parker may be a possible “Co-chair” to support.

-          John will talk to Howard about being the project lead.

·         Meeting Adjourned 7:40pm