TU Western Region Meeting

It has been a good week in the Reno area.  The West Regional Meeting is going well and a lot of new friends have been made!  Good information being shared and discussed about our common goal of helping our fisheries.  Looking forward to visiting with our Wyoming Council and Seedskadee Chapter about the topics discussed.  Oh, and the fishing at Pyramid Lake wasn't too bad either!  


Hey who took the photo????

What a great fish Calvin.  

Exactly -- this year's Western Regional Meeting got me stoked!  Thanks to all who made it happen.

One of 4 fish over 30" that day!!!


That's one big fish Calvin!  I am VERY jealous.  Wished I'd brought my fishing gear.  See you at the Utah Single Fly, if not before.  Thanks for the help with the WRM AIS presentation.  

Nice fish!

I don't know why Calvin insists on only taking pictures with the small fish.